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The Bachelor's Degree (BA) in Sociology offers academic qualification within the broader field of Sociology. It comes as a quest to understand how society influences our goals and actions, and how the actions of each of us shape society. The knowledge you gain allows to work in social research and demography, social policy, communications and public relations, public administration, community development projects, educational and cultural institutions.

Human resources


This new interdisciplinary program offers theoretical and methodological knowledge in qualitative and quantitative methods of social research, social and economic data analysis, organizational evaluation, strategies and methods of personnel recruitment and selection, institutional development, mediation and negotiation of labour relations. The competences gained within the program will be required when applying for jobs concerning institutional analysis and planning, organizational management and evaluation, human resources and labour relations management.

Social Work


The vocation to help people discover the values enclosed in themselves and in the others, to look beyond prejudices and to find alternative ways of solving the problems they face. Besides academic training, you will gain resources for personal development and professional experience through internships and volunteering at various public and private institutions active in the social field.



The exploration of other cultures and communities, often hidden from the public eye, allows anthropologists to see in a different light and better understand their own cultures and lifestyles. At this specialization you will learn how to question the taken for granted of our everyday lives, to carry out fieldwork in social research, to get involved in projects of community development and cultural management.




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