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Maria Pantea, Conferenţiar Univ. Dr.

Adresa email:
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Bd. 21 Decembrie, 1989, Nr. 126-130
400604 Cluj-Napoca


Introducere in  Asistenta Sociala
Sociologia copilariei

Limba de predare: română


Curriculum Vitae



Pantea, M. (2009) “Performing the border of child labour: Roma working children”, in Romani Studies 5, Vol. 19, No. 1, 19–48. ISSN 1528–0748.


Pantea, M. (2009) “Child Labour in Romania” in The World of Child Labor: An Historical and Regional Survey, Hugh D. Hindman (Ed.), M.E. Sharpe Inc., New York.


Pantea, M. (2008). Copiii care muncesc in Romania. Cluj, Presa Universitara Clujeana. ISBN 978-973 619-785-6.


Pantea, M. and Roth, M. (2008). “Challenges in Addressing Child Abuse and Neglect among Roma Children in Romania” in ISPCAN's World Perspectives on Child Abuse: an International

Resource Book, 8th edition. ISBN – 13: 978-0-9787530-1-6.


Pantea, M. (2007) “Current challenges in analyzing child labor in Romania”, in Human Rights of Children. An appraisal of the Children's Rights Convention. Theory meets practice, Intersentia.

ISBN 9789050956406 / 2007.


Pantea, M. (2004) Gender Aspects of Secularism in Today French Schools: the Dilemma of Muslim Minorities” in Gender and the (Post) East-West Divide. Cluj Napoca. Limes Press. at http://www.iiav.nl/epublications/2005/gendeRomania.pdf. ISBN 973-726-044-9.


Pantea, M. (2003) “The Right to Cultural Identity in Minority Education: The “case” of Roma Pupils from Central and Eastern Europe” in The Activist, Human Rights Bulletin 4/ 2003.


Pantea, M. (2003) “The Veil as Metaphor of French Colonized Algeria” in Journal for the Study of Religions and Ideologies 3/ 2003.


Pantea, M. (2002) “Between Multiculturalism and Human Rights: The Need for Re-thinking the Human Rights Discourse on Veil” in The Activist, Human Rights Bulletin 2/ 2003.


Pantea, M. (2002) “Building Civil Society in Post Communist Countries. The Transformative Role of Education” in Women in Civil Society. History, Philosophy, Politics. St. Petersburg State University.


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