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Norbert Petrovici, Lector univ. dr.


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Bd. 21 Decembrie, 1989, Nr. 126-130 400604 Cluj-Napoca




Sociologie și antropologie urbană

Metode cantitative avansante

Statistică socială şi analiza datelor

Locuire și spatiu urban





Limba de predare: română



Selectie articole publicate

Petrovici, N., 2010, Articulating the Right to the City: Working Class Neo-Nationalism in Postsocialist Cluj, Romania, in D. Kalb. and G. Halmai (Eds.) Headlines of nationalism, Subtexts of Class. New York and Oxford: Berghahn Books (EASA Series).

Petrovici, N., 2010. Corrupt Knowledge and the Quest for Objectivity: A Critique of the Romanian Positivist Sociology, Studia Sociologia, 55(1): 221-238.

Selecție prezentări la conferinţe

Consuming the City: Centrality and Class in a Eastern European City, European Association of Social Anthropologists Conference: Crisis and imagination 2010, Maynooth, 24–27 August.

Consuming the City: Centrality and Class in Cluj, Alternative Culture(s) and Urban Space, organized by International Alternative Culture Center and the Laboratory of Critical Urbanism, Budapest, Hungary, 2-3 April, 2009. [co-Autor Alexandra Vanea]

Workers in Cluj. Disciplinary Practices in the Backstage of a Central European City, co-author:Natalia Buier, International Institute of Sociology, 38th World Congres Budapest 2008: Sociology Looks at the Twenty-First Century: From Local Universalism to Global Contextualism; 26-29 June 2008 [co-autor Natalia Buier]

Bringing the state back in through everyday practices. Postsocialist urbanization and the need for state regulation, The State and State Effects: Social Science Perspectives, Organizator: Department of Social Anthropology, The University of Manchester, 26 Septembrie 2008, Manchester, UK.

Business circles and network building in Cluj. The politics of scale re-working in an emergin g economy, Framing Struggles Critical Approaches To Anthropology And Sociology, 2ND CEU Sociology & Social Anthropology Graduate Conference Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology Central European University; 13-14 June 2008. [co-autor Anca Simionca]

Articulating the right to the city. Working class nationalism in Cluj after the fall of the socialism, European Association of Social Anthropologists Conference 2008: Experiencing diversity and mutuality; 25-29 August 2008.

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