Articol despre românii din Canada, publicat în RJPS de Irina Culic

Publicat în Cercetare, Publicații

Culic, Irina. 2019. „Romanian Immigrants to Canada: A Statistical Portrait.” Romanian Journal of Population Studies, Vol 13(1): 73-104. DOI: 10.24193/RJPS.2019.1.04


Sumar in limba engleza:


The paper provides a descriptive portrait of Romanian immigrants to Canada using statistical and historical data. It outlines the transformations of the Canadian immigration policy over a century and a half, and shows how it interacted with the migration regime in Romania to produce three main waves of Romanian immigration to Canada. Alongside migration flow data, it gives specific information on generation status, level of education, occupation categories, and income for the first generation post-communist immigrants, and for the total population of Romanian ethnic origin in Canada, using data from the 2006 and 2016 Canadian Censuses of Population.