Dezbateri despre globalizare

Publicat în Noutăți

Profesorul Don Kalb de la Universitatea din Bergen a ținut o prezentare despre dezbaterile despre globalizare, 13 martie, ora 14-16, sala 217, clădirea Mărăști.

Don Kalb: Class, Bubbles, Turbulence, Empire: Episodes of the Globalisation Debate

Globalisation continues to be the symbolic anchor around which politics, economics, history, space and experience relate to each other in the 21st century. It first acquired that status in the early years after 1989 and no other big sign has displaced it yet. While new public icons come up steadily, from financial crisis to technology, from populism to hipsters and the rise of China, they are nothing else than the momentary shapes in which the class dynamics, bubbles, turbulences and contradictions of empire that underlay the process appear.