Admission for EU, EEA or Swiss Confederation citizens

According to the Romanian legislation, citizens of the EU, EEA countries and the Swiss Confederation may participate in the admission process for all the university study levels, in the same conditions stipulated for the Romanian citizens. Those candidates follow the same calendar and admission criteria as Romanian citizens, including subscription at the faculty, documents, possible exams or file contests, academic offer (budgeted/self sponsored places), tuition fees.

Admission steps:
1. Recognition of the last study diploma, for more details please log on Information regarding the recognition of studies procedure
2. Registration for admission at the faculty, via the Admission platform

After you have completed the recognition of studies procedure mentioned above, you can register for online admission, via the Admission platform, where you will fill in your personal information, select your admission options and upload and submit the following documents (scanned as PDF):

  • Annex 1 – Application form (it will be automatically generated via the Admission platform, after filling in your admission options, but you’ll have to print it, sign it, scan it and upload it)
  • Essay or Research project/proposal, depending on the study program you’re targeting – see Admission criteria below (you’ll have to print it, sign it, scan it and upload it)
  • Certificate of equivalence of previous studies
  • Payment proof, only if you pay the admissions fees using another method than the one offered via the Admission platform.

After completing these steps, you receive an email with your login information to use for updates on the admission process.

If you are admitted, you need to confirm your place, by filling-in, signing and uploading a studies contract and a declaration of consent (as a single PDF document) in your account, on the Admission platform. Filling-in and signing the documents can be done exclusively in electronic format, the forms having dedicated fields for this purpose. The forms are available in your account, on the Admission platform.

If you are admitted with a tuition fee, the confirmation also implies the payment of the first installment of the tuition fee (1/4 of the yearly study-fee). The payment can be done from your account, on the Admission platform, using a card issued by a bank. If you use a different payment method, then you will have to upload proof of payment in your account, on the Admission platform.

Admission criteria for Bachelor programs in English

Candidates’ selection is made according to two criteria: the motivational essay which will be graded as accepted/rejected, and, respectively, the average of the candidate’s grades according to the certificate of equivalence of previous studies.

Admission criteria for Master programs

The admission process is based on three components: an essay, research project, CV or thematic interview (40%), depending on the study program you’re targeting and grade for the Bachelor exam (60%).