The Faculty of Sociology and Social Work offers specializations in the field of sociology, anthropology, social work and human resources management.
Students can opt for a line of study in Romanian or Hungarian.
Every year, a series of classes are held in English and receive international students.

In a dynamic academic environment, which is responsive to social reality, we cultivate the tradition of interactive learning and collaboration between teachers and students in research projects and social intervention.
Our graduates work as expert-consultants in marketing and human resources departments within public and private institutions, researchers at polling institutes, journalists, social workers, school counsellors, university teachers and schoolteachers.

The Faculty of Sociology and Social Work assumes the mission of “Babeș-Bolyai” University:

  • conducting basic and applied scientific research by engaging the entire scientific community;
  • encouraging diverse thinking paradigms and research methods specific to each field, critical plurilingual, intercultural and multiconfessional thinking;
  • supporting new generations of teachers and researchers; stimulating democratic values, social inclusion, equal opportunities;
  • participating in community life and engagement in the public sphere.

The Faculty of Sociology and Social Work completes this mission with some specific principles that guide its activity and organization:

  • consultation, transparency and democratic decision-making within all representative bodies of the Faculty;
  • understanding of the Faculty as a whole, assuring cooperation and solidarity within it, and
  • opening the Faculty to collaboration with other departments and research units within the University and the public space, for the benefit of its students and research activity, in the name of interdisciplinarity, plurality of visions and openness.