Social work and social economy


The main idea of ​​this Master’s program is to transfer specialized knowledge from the economic-administrative field into the practice of social organizations and the operation of social work and social inclusion in general. This specialization is even more relevant in the Romanian context where the socio-economic sector is still underdeveloped, the relevant legislation has not been enacted and the development of socio-economic enterprises is in line with the developments in the European Union.

The program is interdisciplinary and is aimed at graduates of social work, economics, sociology, law, political and administrative science, and communication science, but also professionals already in the social work system.

We summarize some of the aspects included in the training offer: socioeconomic knowledge  and social assistance; knowledge of financial management, accounting and cost analysis; developing the ability to analyse social issues and policies; professional skills in intercultural projects; training in the implementation and evaluation of social programs and services; empowerment to turn entrepreneurial spirit into entrepreneurial actions; the opportunity to interact with good practice models in the socio-economic field  in Europe (international speakers and training courses at European partner  institutions) but also teaching and research spaces in equipped laboratories.

Career opportunities are diverse: social enterprise management, NGO coordination, socio-economic consulting, coordination and evaluation of social services and economic development programs and society, consultation in European projects, project management, developing social entrepreneurship.

It is a Joint Master developed in collaboration with higher education institutions in the European Union: University of Applied Sciences- FH Campus Wien (Austria), University of Applied Sciences, Munich (Germany), Institut Regional de Travail Social Poitiers (France), University of Debrecen (Hungary), University of Ostrava (Czech Republic), University of Applied Sciences, Lucerne (Switzerland).

Social Enterprise Manager, Social Economy Entrepreneur, Community Development Researcher, Assisted Employment Specialist, Project Manager, Project Evaluator, Public / Private Partnership Expert / Specialist, Equal Opportunity Expert, European Structural and Cohesion Funding Expert, Scientific Director of Research and Development, Local and Regional Development Adviser, Employment and Unemployment Counsellor, Social Work Researcher.

The specific objectives of this master’s program are:

  • proving skills for planning, setting up and managing social economic entities,
  • encouraging empirical and scientific research, as well developing new concepts and models in social work and social economy,
  • understanding and reflecting on European developments and their impact on social economy and social work.

1st semester 

Social economy and social work (in English)
Accounting and balance sheet for private entities
Advanced quantitative methods of data analysis
Human resources management

2nd semester 

Comparative social policies
Labour law
Organizational analysis and intervention
Methodology of qualitative research in social work
Practice and supervision 1

3rd semester 

Cost management and financing. Business plans
Evaluation of social policies and programs (in English)
Social marketing
Structures and mechanisms for financing European projects
Optional course 1

4th semester 

Dissertation research and structure
Setting up a social economy enterprise
Optional course 2
Practice and supervision 2

During the 4 semesters, a total of 2 general and specialized optional subjects have to be chosen. These can be selected from those nominated in the curriculum.

For more information you can contact the program head:

Adina Rebeleanu
Associate professor PhD 
Department of social work


Admission and information:

TEL.: +4 0756 831 955