Social work in the field of justice. Probation and mediation


This is a professional and interdisciplinary master, primarily aimed at graduates in social work, psychology, sociology and law. The program is designed to provide in-depth theoretical and methodological training and support through supervised internships in two specialised modules: Rehabilitation and Intervention Approaches and Mediation.

The educational program provides training and development of career skills in line with professional standards in the following areas: social assistance to adults deprived of their liberty, social assistance to juveniles youth deprived of liberty, social assistance for families subject to criminal sanctions, social assistance for inmates, probation (supervision, psychosocial support of offenders who  have been criminally handled) be temporarily suspended serving sentences under the supervision of the community); support and counselling for victims of crime, mediation (family mediation and victim-crime mediation), consultation in the design and implementation of research and social intervention programs to reduce  risk  recidivism, increased social security and psychosocial support for offenders, victims and/or their families.

Penitentiary Social Worker, Probation Counsellor, Probation Inspector, Mediator, Social Work and Counselling Specialist, Social Work Researcher, Social Work Research Assistant, Legal and Social Specialists, Art Therapist, Assisted Employment Specialist.

1st semester 

Criminal law
Advanced quantitative methods of data processing
Specialized course optional 1
Specialized course optional 2
Supervised practice I

2nd semester 

Communication and mediation
Conflict theory and analysis-mediation perspective
Mediation-theories and practices
Specialised optional course
Supervised practice II

3rd semester 

Probation - Assistance and Counselling (in English)
Specialised optional course 3
Specialised optional course 4
Supervised practice III

4th semester 

Models of good practice, art therapy and therapeutic communities
Dissertation research
Social order and spatial order (in English)
Optional course from the UBB curriculum

During the 4 semesters, a total of 4 general and specialized optional courses and 1 course from the UBB curriculum have to be chosen. These can be selected from those nominated in the curriculum.

For more information you can contact the program head:

Sorina Poledna
Associate professor PhD 
Department of social work

Admission and information:

TEL.: +4 0756 831 955