Strategic management of human resources


The program provides students with in-depth theoretical, methodological and practical training, by developing instrumental-applicative skills which they can use to enter the labor market and to develop scientific research capabilities for PhD studies. The program focuses on theoretical, methodological and applied training in sociology, social psychology, organizational psychology, management of organizations and projects, scientific research methodology, techniques for quantitative and qualitative analysis of socio-economic data, strategies and methods for selecting and recruiting human resources , methods of organizational evaluation, organizational planning strategies, techniques of mediation and negotiation in labour relations, training planning strategies and assessment of occupational dynamics on the labour market.

Head of Human Resources; Head of Labour Resources Assessment Service; Human resources manager; Labour and unemployment counsellor; Specialist inspector of labour and unemployment; Trainer; Trainer of trainers; Labour Consultant; Labour market analyst; Career guidance counsellor; Working conditions consultant; Human resources specialist; Training organizer / designer / consultant; Specialist inspector for training, evaluation and professional selection; Professional skills assessor.

1st semester 

Strategic management of human resources
Social research methodology (in English)
Social research methods
Leadership in organizations
Data analysis methodology: data mining techniques
Project Management

2nd semester 

Organizational Behaviour (in English)
Decision-making strategies in groups and organizations
Population and development
Work legislation
Specialized practice 1

3rd semester 

Organizational communication
Managerial ethics and corporate social responsibility
Strategic planning in organizations
Optional course 1
Specialized practice 2

4th semester 

Negotiation techniques
Optional course 2
Internship in bibliographic documentation and in-depth study of the principles of ethics and academic integrity
Empirical research for the dissertation

During the 4 semesters, a total of 2 general and specialized optional courses have to be chosen. These can be selected from those nominated in the curriculum.

For more information you can contact the program head:

Mircea Comsa
Professor PhD 
Department of sociology

Admission and information:

TEL.: +4 0756 831 955