Maria-Carmen Pantea

Tanszék: Szociális munka (román tagozat)

Titlu: egyetemi tanár

Adresa:Clădirea Mărăști, str. Anghel Saligny

Birou: sala 404

Functia: Cadru didactic;


Maria-Carmen Pantea is Associate Professor at the Social Work Department, UBB. Her research interests are in the area of Youth Studies, in particular young people’s relationship with work in its various forms: vocational education and training, entrepreneurship, university-to-work transitions. Since 2010, she is member of the Pool of European Youth Researchers of the EU-CoE Youth Partnership. Maria-Carmen was proposal assessor for several European programs related to research, education, non-formal learning and entrepreneurship (Horizon 2020, Marie Curie, Erasmus+, ESF, COST, DG-GROW) and held coordination roles at major European conferences on youth. She received five prizes from The Executive Agency for Higher Education, Research, Development and Innovation Funding. In 2016 she was awarded a UBB Advanced Fellowship for Research from the Star-UBB Institute. Maria-Carmen holds a PhD in Sociology (BBU), an MA with Merit in Gender Studies (Central European University) and a MSc in Evidence-Based Social Interventions (Oxford).

Curriculum vitae

  • studii de tineret
  • educație și formare profesională
  • formare antreprenorială
  • raporturile absolvenţilor de învăţământ superior cu piaţa muncii
  • Modele computerizate de analiză a datelor calitative
  • Proiectarea, evaluarea şi advocacy de politici publice
  • Asistenţă socială şi consiliere în şcoli
  • Conducere doctorat
Citat de
Citat de
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Vezi toate articolele

2018-2020: Romanian Executive Agency for Higher Education, Research Development and Innovation, Projects for Young Research Teams (PN-III-DCD-RU-TE-2016-1)
Project: “University-to-work transition. A qualitative inquiry on overqualification among Romanian young people”
Project Director. 

2015-2017: Romanian Executive Agency for Higher Education, Research Development and Innovation, Projects for Young Research Teams (PN-II-RU-TE-2014-4-0011)
Project: “A youth-centered analysis of the changes in the nature and meaning of work”
Topic: sociological research on Vocational education and training (VET)
Project Director.

2013-2014: BBU
Individual Research Grant 34030/2013: Social Enterprises: opportunities and risk factors

2010/ 2011: Local Government and Public Sector Service Initiative (OSI/ Budapest)
Fellowship to undertake research on Reintegration Initiatives for Returning Roma Migrants

2007/ 2008: Center for Advanced Study, Sofia.
Fellowship: Shaken Order: Authority and Social Trust in Post-Communist Societies

2006/ 2007: Open Society Institute (OSI)
International Policy Fellowship. Research: “Combating Roma Child Labor through Education in Romania: Challenges and the Need for Child-centered Roma Policies”.

2004/ 2005: Open Society Institute Europe, Higher Education Support Programme Academic Fellowship Program
Returning Scholar Fellowship for teaching at the Department of Sociology and Social Work, BBU Cluj Napoca.

2003/ 2004: Civic Education Project (CEP)
CEP Local Faculty Fellowship for teaching at BBU, Romania.