Contrasens Team

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The team consists of six members, all of whom are involved in documenting, organizing, and hosting the podcast. Everyone brings their own energy, interests, and knowledge to the project. Write to us at:

Maria Martelli often listens to podcasts, always wants to read more literature, is academically involved in the field of sociology of education, but she is also interested in contemporary theories; she is currently pursuing a master’s degree in advanced sociological research.

Matei Mlinarcic has all kinds of cultural and grammatical fixations; academically, he is fascinated with self-governed, closed digital or physical communities. He either talks all the time, or he doesn’t talk at all, but he might be thinking about something interesting.

Pati Murg is passionate about photography and visual anthropology, she listens to too much music and is an expert in kitsch, the subject of her degree; is academically interested in cultural anthropology, especially on the discrepancy between “high culture” and “low culture”.

Karol Pataki will disagree with you and will contradict you, maybe even for your own good; he is still a student, however, a little fascinated by Adorno, by the manner in which intellectual discourse is constructed, and how to be balanced in a debate.

Vlad Bejinariu is a young student in anthropology, passionate about philosophy, history, and social sciences in general; he in a perpetual search for what he hopes to find and motivate; others also describe him as being calm on the outside.

Marina Mironica is constantly debating with herself and others, she likes some things and hates others; she is academically interested in urban space and has a soft spot for the artistic side of the city, she is currently pursuing a master’s degree in advanced sociological research.