Gonzague Isirabahenda (Gonis)

Departament: Doctoranzi

Titlu: Doctorand





Gonzague Isirabahenda (Gonis) is a PhD student in Sociology at UBB, Cluj-Napoca. He is a junior researcher, social worker and social justice activist. He graduated Social Work in Rwanda and holds a master degree in the Management of Social Services from UBB, Romania. Gonis is interested in university to work transitions (his PhD thesis) and in the future of work by large. He participated in different national and international conferences on social issues in Africa as well as in Romania and in the Czech Republic, where he studied as an Erasmus MA student. Previously, Gonis worked on behalf of World Vision, USAID, Care International, National University of Rwanda, Tulane University Rwanda. He participated in a UNICEF Rapid Assessment of Children Reintegrated into Community from Orphanages in Rwanda in 2013 and in several participatory evaluation studies related to the welfare of children who survived genocide. Now, he is a research assistant in the OVERED project, where he carries out interviews and focus groups with young graduates and employers in Romania, for a better understanding of the transformations in the world of work.

Curriculum vitae

2018-2020: Romanian Executive Agency for Higher Education, Research Development and Innovation, Projects for Young Research Teams (PN-III-DCD-RU-TE-2016-1)
Project: “University-to-work transition. A qualitative inquiry on overqualification among Romanian young people”
Research Assistant