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Cristina Raţ


Cristina Raț is lecturer at the Sociology Department of the Babeș-Bolyai University, Cluj, Romania, teaching courses on class inequality and social policies. Between 2015-2023 she was chair of the Departament. Her research interest include the relation between social inequalities and welfare states, family policies, poverty and social exclusion, marginalized Roma communities, and precarious work. She earned her PhD at the Babeș-Bolyai University (2008) and holds an MA in Sociology from the Central European University – Warsaw office (2002). Between 2008 and 2016, she was executive editor of Studia Sociologia. She benefited from fellowships at the University of Oxford (2003-2004), IRES-CEPS (2007), and the Aleksanteri Institute Helsinki (2010).

Clădirea Mărăști, B-dul 21 Dec. 1989 Nr. 128, Cluj-Napoca
Program audiență​

Programări pe email: cristina.rat@ubbcluj.ro



Granturi individuale sau burse postdoctorale:

  • 15 September – 15 November 2010. Postdoctoral research fellowship awarded by the Aleksanteri Institute Helsinki (2 months).
  • October 2007 – Visiting researcher at CEPS/INSTEAD Luxembourg within the IRISS Research grant. Project title: Self-Assessed Health Status and Satisfaction with Health Care Services in the Context of the Enlarged European Union (research group led by prof. Livia Popescu)
  • Septembrie 2003 – Iunie 2004. OSI/FCO Chevening Visiting Scholarship, Doctoral support non-degree program at the University of Oxford, Social Policy and Social Work Department.

Membru al unei echipe de cercetare:

  • Cercetător sociolog în proiectul The Spatialization and Racialization of Social Exclusion (SPAREX), director: prof. Dr. Eniko Vincze, program finanțat de Ministerul Educației prin grant-ul IDEI, 2012-2014, www.sparex-ro.eu
  • October 2011 – September 2011. Researcher within the PN-II Project No. 92131/2008: Class Structure and Social Stratification in Contemporary Romania, led by prof. Lazar Vlasceanu, University of Bucharest, in partnership with the Babes-Bolyai University, the University of Oradea and CURS Bucharest.
  • September 2009 – September 2011. Researcher in the NCEEER Grant Continuity and Change in Family Policies of the New European Democracies: A Comparison of Poland, Hungary, and Romania led by prof. Tomasz Inglot, Minnesota State University and having as co-researcher Dorottya Szikra, ELTE Budapest.
  • January 2007 – October 2008 – Researcher within the project Disparities in the Use of Healthcare Services in the North-West Development Region of Romania. Socio-Economic Patterns and causes (director: prof. Livia Popescu) financed by the CEEX Program of the Romanian Ministry of Education and Research, Grant CEEX 157/2006. (http://socialzoom.com/echiserv)

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